Tips and Tricks

  •  Take your time: Make sure you’re not drawing faster than the ink can cure.
  • Once your lines are drawn, go back over them to add texture and unique shapes.
  • Create a “base” for your project by drawing on your surface before you start to cure it with the light.
  • To practice using the pen, consider tracing line art, such as your favorite cartoon character or brand logo, before you start your project.
  •  Make sure the cartridge is securely in place by sliding the clip on the side into the locked position.
  • When done using the pen, remove the cartridge and put the cartridge lid on to keep the ink from drying out…or spilling out!
  •  Larger sheets of plastic can be made by expressing ink on to a flat surface and hardening the ink with the light.
  • To create textured surfaces, squeeze in onto the textured surface, shine the light on the ink to cure it, and them remove the hardened ink from the surface.
  • For best results, draw on a surface that is not bright white.
  • Create larger pieces by fusing smaller AtmosFlare creations together. Simply place small amounts of ink where the pieces join together and harden with the light.
  • To fix broken areas, simply add more ink and harden!
  • Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol removes the residue quickly.

All the Basics


  • Is the ink safe?

    Absolutely! AtmosFlare 3D ink meets the strictest of global safety standards. Sometimes a light vapor may appear and this is just evaporation from the curing process.

  • Where can I find additional cartridges?

    These can be found at BestBuy.comToys “R”  UsAmazon, and Walmart.  Check online, and we hope to have them in the stores soon!

  • Can I decorate fabric?

    Of course! In fact, the ink may be permanent on fabric, so choose wisely!

  • Will the ink stick to paper, plastic, wood, metal, or other materials?

    It will! Mix and match all kinds of mediums to make a fabulous, unique creation!

  • Does the ink get hot?

    It gets warm while curing, but not hot.  Avoid drawing on your skin!

  • Does the pen get hot?

    There is momentary low-grade heat as the ink cures, but the pen does not get hot.

  • How many projects can I create with each cartridge?

    There is 1000 linear inches of ink per cartridge. That’s a fancy way of saying that it depends on how big your creations are!

  • What happens if I leave my pen tip off after use?

    The ink may harden in the tip of the cartridge. No worries! Unclog the cartridge by using the special tip that comes with your AtmosFlare 3D pen.  Simply insert and twist a few times.

  • If the ink blocks the tip during use, what do I do?

    Simply drag your pen tip across a flat surface or use the special tip that comes with your AtmosFlare 3D pen to unclog it.

  • How long will my pen last before I have to use the batteries?

    The battery will last about 4 hours. When the battery starts to get low, the lights on the side of the pen will start flashing.