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3D printers are quickly becoming one of the hottest new technological items that have a strong potential of soon becoming standard household items. As 3D printing technology evolves, items like 3D Pens are making their way into the market. These pens are marketed as playthings yet they are also useful to artists and designers. Companies such as Tech 4 Kids and Wobble Works offer a range of 3D pens and products but among the most recent offerings in this arena are IDO3D Vertical and IDO3D Go! by Redwood Ventures.

Redwood Ventures has been tapping into the 3D market since 2014 when they noticed how mainstream the 3D trend was becoming. “The whole process of 3D printing intrigued us,” said Andy Wiseman the Founder and CEO of Redwood Ventures. “The idea of making something out of nothing, or drawing things into thin air, these were big ideas that blew us away. But as we looked closely at 3D pen technology, we found that it was difficult to use, it was too expensive for most people to own, and there were safety concerns that presented a real barrier to our core consumer – kids. And so we set out to make a 3D drawing brand that would be easy to use, affordable, and safe.”

Unlike most other 3D pens, IDO3D Vertical does not use heat or plastic filament. Instead, these pens are designed to use cool ink that reacts instantly to the built in LED light which solidifies the ink instantly thereby allowing users to draw up, over and in 3D. Moreover, Redwood Ventures also recently introducedIDO3D Go! This is a series of sets that use the new IDO3D Vertical technology and feature detailed instructions to animate3D creations.

To date, the IDO3D brand–which works via patented technology–is in sixty countries with dozens of sets and dozens of colors available. Given the success of the franchise thus far, Redwood Ventures plans to expand the line in 2017. In fact, as early as the fall of 2016 there will be a color-changing 3D ink set on the market. The IDO3D items have also sparked the interest of professional artists which resulted in the creation of a second brand called the AtmosFlare 3D. The pens in this line are intended for adults; especially those who work in the fields of design or fine art. “AtmosFlare pens are finely-tuned devices that are perfect for more advanced artists, crafters and model makers,” Andy Wiseman explained. AtmosFlare 3D recently reached the top-spot on Amazons model-making category; something that Andy Wiseman believes concretes its reputation and drives the company to expand the series. “As we look ahead, it’s not hard to imagine special consumer applications that can be expressed creatively in countless ways, with a variety of devices,” he said. “We’re working on some promising commercial applications, too, so keep an eye out for our forthcoming releases.”



Sidewalk art has the ability to turn pavement into a canvas. In fact, some of the greatest pieces of art of our generation are not only right under our eyes, but also, under our feet. So how can a flat surface make our mind see a tower of superheroes, a fishing hole or a snowman in July? Its not as hard as it looks.

To understand how it all works, read this article and watch the video here.

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August 17, 2016

Back to School Tips


Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement… and anxiety. Help calm your child’s fears (and your own) with these teacher-approved tips. {See full story on pbs.org}

Meet the new teacher.

For kids, one of the biggest back-to-school fears is “Will I like my new teacher?” Breaking the ice early on is one of the best ways to calm everyone’s fears. Take advantage of your school’s open house or back-to-school night. If personal contact with the teacher isn’t possible, try locating the teacher’s picture on a school website or in a yearbook, so your child can put a name with a face. If your child’s teacher sends a welcome letter, be sure to read the letter together.

Tour the school.

If your school hosts an open house, be sure to go. Familiarizing your child with her environment will help her avoid a nervous stomach on the first day.

Connect with friends.

A familiar friend can make all the difference when heading back to school. You might try calling parents from last year’s class and finding out which children are in your child’s class this year.

Tool up.

Obtain the class supply list and take a special shopping trip with your child. Having the right tools will help him feel prepared.

Avoid last-minute drilling.

When it’s almost time to stop playing, give a five-minute warning. Giving clear messages to your child is very important.

Chat about today’s events and tomorrow’s plans.

While it is important to support learning throughout the summer, don’t spend the last weeks of summer vacation reviewing last year’s curriculum. All kids need some down time before the rigors of school begin.

Ease into the routine.

Switching from a summer to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school mayhem by practicing your routine a few days in advance. Routines help children feel comfortable, and establishing a solid school routine will make the first day of school go much smoother.