My little caboose threw me for a loop a while back, no I mean she REALLY threw me for a loop: I discovered she’s into STEM activities! Even after knowing her learning style…and thus developing her artistic side (through dance and drama, which she enjoys quite a bit), this revelation that she “loves Science” – and where that seems to be leading us in school – just caught me totally off guard!

(Please bear with me as I preface this post by giving you a heads-up that you’ll be seeing quite a bit more STEM-related posts here… And, if by some chance you’ve missed the memo, STEM stands for “science, technology, enigineering and math”. As our nation plummets in its world standing in these fields, it has become quite the rage in the educational community – for good reason.)

So…when I got the opportunity to review the new AtmosFlare 3D Pen by Redwood Ventures, I jumped on it. I mean, just think about it: artsy meets tech! Perfect, right?

We were beyond excited when the package arrived – even my teenage boys were all over getting the box opened! I managed to get a photo of the box before they dove in, but the kids put the thing together before I even finished looking through the directions.

Top 5 Reasons to Try the Atmosflare 3D Pen!

Not necessarily in this order ?

  1. Frustrated with your kids’ over-involvement with screen time? This is something really unique – the “cool” factor alone will up the engagement factor and their attention span with an activity that does not involve a screen or monitor…

  2. Looking for a unique gift idea! Face it, folks, anything tech-related is the thing of the future – and what a cool idea to gift ~ or get ~ a 3d pen!

  3. This is a combination toy/craft activity that will interest both kids and adults! Looking for ways to engage your child or spend some quality time with him or her? Neither one of you will be bored with this activity, believe me!

  4. 3d pens are a fun activity that bridge entertainment and learning…Nothing wrong with sneaking in a litle educational element to play, is there? As I mentioned earlier, this marriage of “artsy” and “tech-y” sets the stage for some exciting STEM possibilities! 3d drawing is definitely a fun form of today’s technology ?

  5. Reasonably priced – you’d pay a LOT more for typical toys and video games these days…with a lot less “bang for your buck!”