3D art is actually not a new thing. Any painting, sculpture, or installation that shows depth and allows you view an object from multiple sides is a 3D piece of art. But…that’s probably not what you’re thinking about when you hear the term “3D”. You may think of a movie, or a video game, maybe even something made with a 3D printer. All of those are also “3D”.

3d example


Even sidewalk art can be 3D! Check out these examples:

sidewalk chalk2

sidewalk chalk1

What makes 3D art so cool? Well, for one thing, it makes art seem more real. Instead of drawing a flower on a piece on paper, you’re now able to draw a flower from the paper up into the air – just like a real flower grows! Like any type of art such as oil painting, sketching, or making sculptures, using your 3D pen takes patience and practice. See what this talented teenager – yes, TEENAGER – made with her AtmosFlare 3D pen.