An uninspired artist is a sad artist. It’s very frustrating to want to create something, but not have any ideas on what to create! Sometimes you may need to try something new, sometimes you may need to put a new spin on an old idea, and sometimes you just need to change your perspective.

1. Take a photograph. Several of them.


Take a photo of a scene that captures your interest -landscape, city, people, whatever. Take a photo from all different angles, get down low, walk way to the right, walk way to the left. What pops out at you? How does the light change? What do you like about it? How does it make you feel? Put a filter on it. Put another filter on it. Compare them. Do they make the photo better? Worse? Brighter?

2. Make a collage.



Grab a bunch of paper with cool designs, fabrics you like, old photographs, and pictures in magazines. Throw them all on a poster or canvas and see what pops out at you. Is there a theme that runs through them that you didn’t even realize was there? Do you gravitate toward a certain pattern or color? What’s your favorite piece of the collage?

3. Use different materials.


Do you remember how fun it was to get messy and fingerpaint? Why not refresh your memory? Painting with your hands can be really fun. What about your feet? Instead of a brush, use a feather, a leaf, a Q-tip…something different. Draw with a crayon or a colored pencil for a change of pace. Use butcher paper, a cinder block, or a piece of furniture (with permission, of course) as your canvas. What about using a 3D pen for a change? Now there’s an idea!