Buying art can be expensive, but making art can be lots of fun and pretty inexpensive. The trick is to use stuff you may already have to make something original and creative. Here are some examples to help you get started:

Find a painting you love, and recreate it!

The best part about making art is making it your own. If you love a piece of art, but can’t afford it, the colors won’t work in your house, or it’s the wrong size, grab your paint and brushes and recreate it! Who knows?! You may end up with an original piece you love even more than the one you were coveting.  The example below is from This House Might Be Bigger Than the Three of Us.

diy ikat painting

Use what you already to have and turn it into something new.

Have beer caps laying around? Paint sample cards? Rocks? Old toys? You can make any of that into art. Spray paint, glue, and wood can make your “trash” look magical. This cool lady made amazing art with leftover bits of wood! Her how-to is on The Shabby Nest.

shaby nest

Use old decorating supplies in new ways.

Love this idea from HGTV! Use nail heads or tacks and foam core to create custom sayings! Try using colorful push pins for kid rooms or playrooms.

hgtv sign

Get outside!

Pesky limbs and twigs in your yard? Don’t throw them away! Bring them inside! Spray paint them or leave them natural, either way gives an eartly, grounded feel to any room. And…it’s practically free! See some ideas here.

outside in

Want even more ideas?

How about putting Matchbox Cars on your wall? This post has some AMAZING ideas!

matchbox cars